10 things to look out for when choosing a domestic cleaner

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Selecting an appropriate domestic cleaner is a highly important task. It is crucial to know what you should look out for and the kinds of questions you need to ask before expecting something from a cleaning company and its services.

Here are ten things to look out for as tips when hiring a domestic cleaner.

1. Training and Experience

It is critical that a domestic cleaner must be an experienced one. This experienced should be supported by thorough and ongoing training. Staff cleaners in a domestic cleaning services providing company should receive continuous training that is updated at all times.

2. Certification

The domestic cleaning company that you will be selecting needs to be certified from authorities such as Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and Cleaning British Institute of Cleaning Science (BISc).

3. References

Testimonials are often ignored and neglected. Domestic cleaning companies are always willing to provide their clients with references who will be able to vouch for quality of services provided by them. NG1 city cleaners encourages its customers to leave reviews on google.

4. Availability

Is the domestic cleaner available at times you need the services? Does it have any out of hours times in its working schedules? What are its policies on any emergency requirements or issues that may arise outside of the standard business hours? It would be advisable to seek real-life cases an example of how a specific domestic cleaner has come through with its services at odd times for few clients. NG1 City Cleaners are one of the few domestic cleaners in the United Kingdom who will provide our working schedules and specifically recruit to fill a regular out of hours slot.

5. Insurance

You must make sure that the domestic cleaning company you are considering has covered its cleaning staff with insurance and has a health & safety policy for your security. For example, if they break anything in your house, accidentally, will it be repaired or replaced? If any cleaner gets hurt while working in your home, will the company cover the accident fees? NG1 City cleaners has a very tight Health & Safety and Insurance policy both are available for you to inspect at your request.

6. Accountability

You can always find out ways of how the domestic cleaner will track and measure its success on the job at your home site. How will the domestic cleaner use your feedback in a constructive way? Will there be a system created for a formal complaint from your side if you are not satisfied with any aspect of its services? Will there be any tools provided for tracking and measuring their cleaning tasks and services? NG1 city cleaners takes all customer feedback seriously and implements the updates into our standard operating procedures so everyone benefits.

7. Green Cleaning

An efficient domestic cleaner will always us the cleaning products correctly. Environmentally friendly ways of cleaning customers homes is an in-thing today and such standard operating procedures will become necessary for all cleaning service providers. NG1 city cleaners has already taken this step and has implemented standard operating procedures for all its staff as our basic training strategy. We can also provide green cleaning chemical alternative products so you can choose which products we use based on your personal preferences.

8. Safety

You have to make sure that the domestic cleaner you are hiring for work at your home is compliant with IOSH safety laws. The cleaning services company must provide uniforms to make its staff recognizable and should maintain established procedures for protection of confidential records. The domestic cleaner must follow certain UK health & safety regulations such as avoiding the use of certain chemicals while cleaning in your house.

9. Customisation Programs

Cleaning tasks should be clearly laid out before signing of the cleaning contract. The cleaning company should have a range of services to suit your requirements. NG1 City cleaners has a system of blue, silver and gold to suit your preferences. We are also able to provide add-on services which can streamline the cleaning processes such as ironing, laundry and deeper white goods cleans. You could work out a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even a one-time cleaning task. The cleaning crew should be able to customise not only the frequency of cleaning tasks in your home but they should also be able to assign necessary equipment and power tools to do their jobs.

10. Pricing

When hiring a domestic cleaner, you must make sure that there are no hidden charges in their cleaning and maintenance contract. You also must make sure that the cleaning services providing company is paying its taxes.

The most important consideration before you hire a domestic cleaner is that you have to be confident of the quality of service that will be provided to you. NG1 City Cleaners are one of the reliable and trustworthy cleaners in the United Kingdom who give priority to the domestic cleaning requirements and well being of their customers first. If you are interested in our cleaning services in Nottingham go back to our homepage to make a booking.

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