Summer Holiday Cleaning: 5 Fun ways to get the kids involved

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School’s out for summer! Yes, the summer holidays are upon us, which means 6 weeks of having the kids at home. Plenty of time to create wonderful memories…and for your home to end up in complete disarray. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Get the kids involved in the cleaning and you can have the best of both worlds.

We hear you chuckling away. See you rolling your eyes. Thinking it’ll never happen. After all, British children are the least likely to help their parents with chores in the world (according to studies). But what about if you put a little effort into making cleaning fun? Sure, it seems less effort to just get on with it yourself but getting your children involved in chores will teach them valuable life lessons in the long run.

Should I feel guilty asking my children to clean?

The answer to this is most definitely not! Getting your children to help you out around the house from a young age is important. Cleaning together will teach your children to look after their belongings and help them understand why a clean home is important to their health. They’ll also see that if they spend time helping you out, you’ll have more time to do fun things together afterwards.

Obviously you will need to consider their age and what they are capable of doing. It’s crucial that the cleaning chores are safe for them too. If your child is a toddler, you’re not going to have them mopping the floor but you can introduce simple cleaning tasks, like putting their toys back in the box or with slightly older children, helping to clear the plates at dinner. Start small and be mindful that they’re not going to be perfect or do it as quickly as you. Your patience will pay off eventually!

Here’s a handy guide of chores for kids by age you can use for inspiration.

Ready to give it a go? Here are 5 fun ways you can get your kids involved in cleaning chores this summer…

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1. Let them pick out cleaning supplies

It goes without saying that chemical-based cleaning products should be kept out of the reach of children. However, they’ll be absolutely fine with a fluffy duster, cloth, dustpan and brush. Go to a cheap homewares store and let them pick out their own cleaning kit for the holidays. Having their own stuff will make them feel more grown up.  Admittedly, this is going to work far better with young children, as older kids will be more wise to your intentions – perhaps skip straight to the rewards section!

See: 10 Kid Safe Homemade Cleaning Products for alternatives to chemical-based cleaning products

2. Have a cleaning competition

Make cleaning chores more fun for your kids by hosting a little friendly competition. Who can pick up and put away their toys the fastest? Who can make their bed the quickest? Time penalties if it’s not done properly! If you’re a single-child family, time them instead. See if they can beat their cleaning record. Kids love a challenge, so much so, they may forget they’re actually doing chores!

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3. Clean to music

Everything’s instantly more fun when music’s involved. Make a cleaning playlist full of your kid’s favourite tunes so they can have a little boogie while they do their cleaning chores.

4. Keep chores short, sweet & varied

Children don’t like doing the same thing for too long. Encourage them to help you with cleaning chores by keeping them short and sweet (10-15 mins is perfect). Long cleaning sessions are an absolute no-no. They’ll get bored and distracted. You may also want to think about varying the cleaning chores they do, so they’re not the same every time. Younger kids may appreciate a colourful cleaning wheel. Spin the wheel and get a different chore every time.

Click here for free printable reward charts

5. Create a reward system

Children love to be praised and rewarded, no matter their age. Encourage them to help you with cleaning chores during the summer holidays by creating a reward system. With younger kids, you could have a sticker chart. Every time they help you with a chore successfully, they get a sticker. When they’ve got a certain number of stickers, they get a reward. It doesn’t have to be a sugary treat! Perhaps they’ve got their eye on a new toy? Or maybe they’d like to go on a family day out? With older kids, you may want to trade chores for pocket or holiday money instead. No one will judge you for a little bribery. We all do it!

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