9 Reasons Why People Hire A Domestic Cleaner

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1. How much is your time worth to you?

We have so little time in our lives nowadays and you could be spending it in better areas like seeing your friends and family rather than cleaning. We can give you back the time to have more time in bed on a Saturday morning.

If you like the sound of more time in your life why not give NG1 City Cleaners a call to come and clean your house for you? 0115 9484686 or email us at info@ng1citycleaners.co.uk.

2. Use a professional service.

NG1 City Cleaners are trained professionals. We do the cleaning jobs professionally with the correct equipment and the correct products. We are comprehensively insured and all our staff are DBS checked for total peace of mind. You wouldn’t hire someone with questionable knowledge and skills to build your house, would you?

3. Rental deposits

If you rent your home, there is a good chance that the landlord will charge you at the end of your tenancy if the property isn’t professionally cleaned. These charges are often many times more than the cost of a regular cleaning service. On the other side, why not get your new home professionally cleaned before moving in.

4. Make sure the home is actually clean.

Ok, so you tidy up, wash the dishes, and vac the floor but is your home actually clean? Do you ever start to see the mildew starting to build up in the bathroom? Watermarks on the shower door? Food stains on the kitchen cupboards? Every week NG1 city cleaners can come to your property and do the actual cleaning of the places that you don’t always have the time to get to.

5. You’ll start entertaining friends more

Particularly during winter time, most of our entertaining and recreation takes place in our homes. However, the lack of cleanliness in our homes can be a key reason that is stopping us from inviting friends and family from over.

Susan explains how her house often stopped her from inviting her girlfriends to visit: “It always put me off inviting friends over for dinner – even my best friends – because of the state of the house. The thought of tidying it as well as cooking the meal would always stop me from arranging anything. So when I started using a regular cleaning service it meant that I could actually start seeing my friends much more often”.
So hiring a professional cleaner, even just for one-off deep cleaning, can even have an impact on your social life.

6. No different to paying for plenty of other jobs that we pay for

Some people don’t consider a cleaner, not because they don’t need one but because they would feel guilty about hiring someone else to do these jobs. Women, in particular, feel that they should be able to do it all, but they can’t! We pay people to cut our hair, rewire our houses and clean our windows so why would we still feel guilty about hiring someone else to help clean our home?

7. It’ll be great for you and your partner

Research has shown that domestic chores are one of the greatest causes of arguments between both married and non-married couples. If you are part of a couple and think that you’re the only couple who squabble about the division of chores then think again.
Knowing that cleaning can be such a niggle within families means that letting a cleaner take the strain could really make sense when looking to improve harmony in the home.

8. It’ll encourage you to get other things sorted

I’m always surprised (and pleased) by how many of our customers say that having a cleaning service has encouraged them to get other areas of their homes and lives sorted out. Whether it’s cleaning out the loft, selling some of the crap in the spare room or emptying the kitchen cupboards, just the fact of having a regular cleaner seems to make people want to get organised!

9. You love a clean home – but not the actual cleaning

We all love a clean home but the actual cleaning part is not so popular and in a busy household it can also quickly slip down the priority list.
There is nothing better than coming home from a busy day at work to a clean and sparkling home that smells amazing and where everything is in its place, so why not skip the dull part and hire someone to clean for you.

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