Christmas Cleaning Checklist to Get Your Home Guest-Ready!

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Hosting Christmas this year? With the big day just a few short weeks away, there’s no better time to start preparing your home for holiday visitors. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a Christmas cleaning checklist brought to you by NG1 City Cleaners along with some helpful tips to get your home guest-ready.

Kitchen and Dining Room Cleaning List

Obviously Christmas is all about spending quality time with your loved ones but it’s also about eating plenty of delicious food. Right? With this in mind, you’ll need to make sure that your kitchen and dining room are in tip-top shape.

Worktops and kitchen units

Your worktops will be used a lot over the festive period for preparing Christmas meals, so be sure to give them a good old clean. Antibacterial cleaning sprays are essential for getting rid of germs and bacteria. No one wants a tummy bug over the holidays!

It’s also a good idea to use an all-purpose spray to clean the fronts of your kitchen units. Although you may not see them from afar, there’s likely to be little marks where food and drink has been dropped, spilt and splashed. A quick wipe and polish will make such a difference to the overall appearance of your kitchen.


We can already hear you groaning at the thought of cleaning your oven. It’s probably the thing people dread cleaning most of all (either that or toilets) but for hygiene reasons, it’s unfortunately something that’s got to be done every now and then. Since you’re doing a big clean for Christmas, you may as well add it to the list. Hey, at least you can be house-proud when your guests are drooling over the food you’re cooking, through your super clean oven door! That and it’ll also stop your oven from smoking and creating nasty lingering smells in your home.

Read our blog post on how to professional clean an oven for a step-by-step-guide. No time to do it yourself? Treat yourself to a professional deep oven cleaning service instead. Think of it as an early Christmas present!


Another cleaning task you probably won’t want to do (but probably should) is cleaning out your fridge. Remove all items and throw away anything that is looking a little worse for wear or out of date. Be sure to give the shelves and fridge walls a wipe to get rid of any bits and stains. Just think, cleaning out your fridge will mean you have so much more room for all the tasty things you’ll be eating this Christmas. You may even be able to fit in an extra bottle of bubbly. We won’t tell if you don’t!

Dining tables and chairs

A little polish goes a long way! Spend a few minutes giving your dining table and chairs a once over to remove dust and marks. If you use chair covers or cushions, it’s worth popping them in the washing machine so they’re fresh and clean, ready for your guests!

Kitchen and Dining Room Floors

In areas where you prepare food and eat, there’s bound to be more bits on the floor, so your carpets or flooring are likely to need extra vacuuming over the festive period.

If you can see stains on your carpets, your guests are likely to notice them too. Try using a spot cleaner but if you’re struggling to do it yourself or the stains are just too persistent, we offer a carpet cleaning service that can help, so get in touch.


It may sound like an unnecessary task but giving your cutlery a quick polish can actually make such a difference to the overall look of your Christmas dining table. You don’t need to go crazy – after all, it’s your loved ones visiting, not the Royal Family and they’re not going to judge you but a quick wipe is sure to give your silverware added shine! The same goes for your glassware.

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Living Room Cleaning List

The living room or lounge (whatever you like to call it) is likely to be one of the main rooms in your home that guests use at Christmas. Before you decorate the tree and hang your stockings on the mantelpiece, spend a little time completing these cleaning tasks.

Carpet and Rugs

Move all of your furniture into the centre of the room and start by vacuuming round the outskirts before working your way inwards. As well as cleaning the carpets or flooring in your living room, don’t forget to flip over any rugs to vacuum the underside of them – you’ll be surprised just how much dust and dirt gathers there!

Christmas Tree Pine Needles

Real Christmas trees look stunning, especially in a grand living room but their pine needles can be a little pesky! Be sure to spend a few minutes vacuuming up any fallen pine needles before your guests arrive. Getting them stuck in your feet can be pretty painful!

Furniture and soft furnishings

Make sure your sofas are looking their very best by vacuuming down the sides of the cushions and washing any covers that can be removed. If you have a leather sofa, give it a quick wipe over with a damp cloth, followed by a buff with a soft cloth for extra shine. If you’re worried about guests spilling drinks over your sofas, it may be worth picking up a cheap throw or two for added protection.

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If you have a fireplace, spend a little time cleaning it out and removing any debris. After all it is the focal point of your living room and Father Christmas will need it for his grand entry!

Bathroom Cleaning List

The bathroom will be one of the most used rooms in your home during the festive season, so it’s important to maintain its cleanliness.

Bath and shower

Whether you have guests staying over or not, you’ll want to ensure your bath and shower are clean and glistening. Use an antibacterial bathroom spray to get rid of any marks and buff any stainless steel with a cloth. Make sure there’s no hair in the plug (a task we’re sure you’ll just love doing…not) and give your shower curtain a wash.


Obviously it’s important to clean your toilet before guests arrive but it’s something you’ll need to re-do over the festive period too. Use a good quality toilet-cleaner and bleach to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.


Use an all-purpose spray to clean your sink, concentrating your efforts around the plug where dirt and grime gathers. Make sure there is soap by the sink readily available for guests to use and don’t forget to frequently wash the hand towel.


It’s so easy to forget to clean your mirrors but it’ll make sure a difference to the overall look of your bathroom. Remove any marks (like toothpaste) with a glass cleaning spray and buff out any streaks with a soft cloth.

Guest Bedroom Cleaning List

If you have guests staying over during the Christmas holiday, you’ll need to spend a little time sorting out their sleeping areas. We can’t speak for everyone but sometimes guest bedrooms can often become a ‘dumping ground’ so may require a bit of a clear out first.

Bed linen

Stick the bed sheets in the washing machine and dryer to freshen them up for your guests. Running the iron over the sheets will make such a difference to the overall look of your guest bedroom.

Don’t forget a washing machine hygiene treatment every now and then can help to kill off bacteria and keep things fresh! Get in touch for more info about this service.

Vacuum and dust

If you don’t use your guest bedroom very often, it’s likely to be a little dusty. A quick spray and wipe should do the trick. Similarly, the carpet may require a little TLC. Vacuuming will get rid of loose dirt on your carpet but for tricky stains, you may need to use a little spot cleaner.

Wardrobe cleaning

Make your guests feel at home and clean out some hanging space so they don’t have to live out of a suitcase. Wardrobes can get a little dusty, so be sure to give them a wipe round and vacuum.

Tasks for if you have a little extra time…

Clear out the clutter

Christmas is a great time to do a clear out, as you can get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last year or so and make room for your Christmas Tree, decorations and any new gifts you may receive! Consider whether unwanted items can be recycled or given away to charity.

Wash the windows and clean your front door

Remember first impressions count, so if you get chance, give the windows a wash both inside and outside. It’ll instantly refresh your home! While you’re there you may as well give your front door a wipe – that way it’ll be ready for you to add a few seasonal touches to welcome your guests and get them in the festive party mood!

Stock up on cleaning products

There’s bound to be a little extra mess and few spillages if you have family friends over for Christmas. Be sure to stock up things like kitchen roll and cleaning wipes so any spillages can be dealt with quickly and won’t end up damaging your surfaces or carpets.

Final tips for your Christmas clean up

Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all? Here are a few tips to prevent the pre-Christmas panic!

Start Christmas Cleaning Early

Christmas is usually one of the busiest times of year and there’s always so much to do from picking out the perfect presents to ordering the turkey on time! Do a Christmas deep clean as early as you can in the month to prevent you from having to rush later on. As long as you do mini maintenance cleans throughout the month, your home will still be perfectly guest-ready on the big day.

Focus on the main areas

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of preparing your home for Christmas visitors or don’t have a lot of time, focus your efforts on the main rooms your guest will be using i.e. the kitchen, living room, dining room (if applicable) and bathroom. If guests aren’t staying over, you can always ignore the bedrooms and keep everyone downstairs!

Hire a cleaning company

Christmas is about enjoying yourself and although it’s lovely to have a clean home for your guests, it shouldn’t take over your entire holiday. If you want a clean house, you and your guests can spend time in over Christmas, why not hire professional cleaners to do it for you? You’ll get all the benefits without having to lift a finger!

It’s worth bearing in mind that companies like us will be pretty busy in the run up to Christmas though, so if you haven’t already, now’s the time to book.

Tick off these tasks on your cleaning checklist and your home will be more than guest-ready for any festive parties you’re throwing this Christmas.

Christmas wishes to one and all

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our Christmas Cleaning Checklist and that it’s proved useful. We’d just like to end the post by wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas from all the team at NG1 City Cleaners. Thank you for your support throughout 2018. We look forward to seeing what the New Year brings!

Just as a quick reminder, our office will be closed Christmas week and we have done our best to contact regular clients and get them booked in beforehand. But if you have any questions or want to make a booking, please give us a call on 0115 971 3157 or drop us an email.

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Thanks and once again, have a wonderful Christmas!

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