Deep Cleaning House & Sanitizing

During these uncertain times you can take advantage of our deep cleaning house and sanitizing service.
If you want your home to be professionally cleaned and sanitized please call our deep cleaning Nottingham team today for an instant quote.

Professional House Deep Cleaning & Sanitization

With our professional deep cleaning house team from Nottingham, we have many years experience of delivering deep cleans to houses and homes across Nottingham.

Using proven deep cleaning methods and products we ensure that your house is deep cleaned and germ free.

Our Nottingham deep cleaning house team can visit your home with full protective gear, to ensure the very best in health and safety precautions. Obviously, we don’t want your neighbours to panic so they will discuss a secure area to get changed should you want that!

We also have a mist spray that we can use within your house to sanitize each area. We would need to discuss the logistics of this, should you and your family be present at your house during the deep clean.

Call Our Nottingham Deep House Cleaning Team on 0115 971 3157

Full Sanitization Service

Our deep cleaning house team in Nottingham offer a full clean of all areas of your home. We clean thoroughly throughout your entire house, including bedrooms, lounges, dining rooms, toilets, bathrooms and kitchens.

During our clean, we will spray each area with a sanitizer to ensure that all areas are germ free before our Nottingham team leave your house.

Our deep cleaning house team in Nottingham attend your premises at a time convenient to you to complete our cleaning tasks. We only use high quality professional cleaning products and equipment to deliver you the highest standards of cleanliness.

Prevent The Build Up Of Germs And Bacteria

Once we have completed your house deep cleaning in the Nottingham area, we are able to help keep your home free from germs and bacteria by providing regular cleaning & sanitzing top ups.

Regular cleaning helps eliminate pathogens where they collect. Some of the obvious places around the home produce small amounts of water vapour, which can rapidly transport harmful bacteria around when airborne.

Regular cleaning to a high standard will significantly reduce the build up and spread of these harmful bacteria around your home. This will, in turn, reduce the risk of disease.

Our Nottingham Team Have Been Cleaning Houses For Years

The NG1 cleaning team have been working in Nottingham deep cleaning homes like yours for years now, so we truly know how to deliver the perfect house deep clean.

In the current climate, it is now ever more important that your home is clean and germ free. Call our local Nottingham cleaning team to discuss your deep cleaning house requirements today.

We are here to make sure that your home is as germ free as possible.

    Our usual phone number is undergoing maintenance, please use the following number to get through to the team

    0115 905 7511