What should a domestic cleaner cost?

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Why do prices for domestic cleaners vary so much?

Why does it seem that some are so expensive against others that are so cheap?

We’ve taken the figures directly from our books so you can see exactly what it costs to run a cleaning company.

We have been running our cleaning business in Nottingham for about 1 year now so the items listed below are our real costs to get this far. We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding service so we strive to do things properly and efficiently- rather than cut corners.


Our cleaning staff are our number 1 asset. We feel it’s important that the staff get paid properly and not a minimum wage. It’s important that they enjoy their job and they feel adequately rewarded for it. Approximately 80% of our sales revenue goes directly to the staff. In wages, PAYE, NI, pensions and employee benefits.


We’re not VAT registered, and don’t intend to be (to make sure we are as competitive as possible). But we do have all the other legal tax liabilities that every other legible business should pay.

Advertising and Marketing

We’ve got to do it, Google Adwords, leaflets drops around  the local area, & SEO. It all adds up otherwise how would you ever have found us? Some months, especially in the early days, our advertising spend totalled 11% of our total income! We’ve also had some very clever local people build this website for us, this also isn’t free and keeping it in tip-top shape has ongoing costs too! We’re cleaners at the end of the day, not web designers.

Accountancy & Professional Fees

The engine behind our business is the professional guidance we get from our financial accountant, our HR advisor, and our health & safety expert. We have professional guidance with our local health and safety policy, our staff are safe and satisfy the legal requirements stipulated by the government. Our accountant ensures that the staff are paid correctly & on time. Then the local HR advisor ensures our staff are covered by real contracts, not a ‘zero hours’ one.

happy-and-organised-regular-domestic-cleaning-nottingham-ng1-city-cleanersProducts, consumables & equipment

Eco-friendly products cost more than standard products. Our local supplier ensures that the prices we pay for our products are at the best possible prices for our products and consumables. Our equipment like Henrys, Carpets cleaners and steam mops still have to be tested for safety regularly.

Banks, Insurance, Telecoms

All vitally important in today’s world. When you call us, we guarantee a real person will answer the phone every time. We also ensure that we have the right protection from our insurance should something happen.

Vehicles, Fuel & Parking

Travelling around the local area all day and parking in the various places adds additional costs to some jobs. We add a flat fee spread across all customers for the time spent travelling, but we have to pass individual parking fees onto the customers where we have to pay for it. That’s only fair to the customers that let us park in their spaces.


Finally, for a great system, you need software and a system to organise all the finer details of quotes, customer details, pricing, invoices, receipts, emails, phone apps

Typically a customer would be expecting to pay £10-12 per hour for a budget service. Whereas they would be expecting to pay £14-16 for a premium service. With our specification based cleaning service, we ensure a superior quality clean every time in an efficient time.

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