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My Hinchers.. I’m not sure if you would have had a chance to watch my story yet.. but if not.. Surprise 🎉🙊🎉 Now I know a lot of you have noticed that I’ve been going into London quite a bit lately, and that’s because I’ve been working on something very special with Penguin which I’m SO excited about. I now have my own book! Me! Soph! Mrs Hinch!! What the! I can’t even believe it! I never dreamed that I’d have my own book one day Hinchers, and here it is! I’m so nervous and excited all at the same time because I’ve worked so hard on it, and I hope you’ll all love it as much as I do.. I get a lot of questions about me and my life and this book covers it all. From everything you need to know about all things Hinching to chapters dedicated to everything you could ever possibly want to know about Mrs Hinch.. I’ve put a lot of me into this book and I hope you enjoy it! I want to say the biggest thank you to all of you my Hinchers, because without you, this wouldn’t even have been possible! My book releases on the 4th April 2019 but is available for preorder now, and the link is in my bio. Please tag me in your preorders Hinchers! I would love to share the love on my stories! And of course there will be a book tour! I’m so excited to meet you all! All the best #hinchyourselfhappy ❤️

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Have you been ‘Hinched’ yet? No idea what we’re talking about? Let us introduce you to the online cleaning sensation that is Mrs Hinch.

Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchcliffe, is taking Instagram by storm, gaining over 1.1 million followers in just a few short months. And the best bit – her feed is all about cleaning!

Describing herself as ‘cleaning mad’ in her bio, Mrs Hinch has gone viral with her Instagram stories; where she shares everything from her favourite cleaning hacks and hauls, to her pristine, grey-themed décor. Some of the cleaning products she swears by, which include the Minky MCloth Anti Bacterial Cleaning Pad, have even sold out nationwide, with the #HinchArmy (the coined name for her followers) out in full force, arming themselves with the latest must-haves and creating their own ‘#HinchHauls’ across social media too.

Now, we know you’re probably thinking: why are people so interested in watching someone else clean their home? But, trust us, there’s just something so likeable about Mrs Hinch. She’s fully dedicated to the cause – even naming her favourite cleaning tools and has also spoken about how cleaning has helped her (and others) encourage positive mental health and deal with problems such as anxiety. We personally love that she’s injecting a little fun into cleaning – a task, which let’s face it, unless a domestic cleaning company like ourselves, you probably find a tad boring!

How to clean your home Hinch style

Mrs Hinch’s cleaning hacks have gone viral, with her even appearing on This Morning to share some of her favourites with Holly and Phil. The hacks incorporate traditional cleaning methods, with a few new innovative ideas and products to get your home in tip-top shape. If you are looking to jump on the bandwagon and see if you can find some fun in cleaning your home, then take a look at some of her most famous cleaning hacks below…

Hinch Hack #1 – How to get a sparkling shower

Mrs Hinch has said that she believes one of the trickiest parts of the home to clean is actually the shower, as it’s difficult to get a streak-free shine. That coupled with the fact it’s used on a daily basis, makes it a bit of an on-going annoyance.

Before you start, make sure you remove all of your shampoo bottles and shower gels, as there may be dirt building up underneath. Next, pick up a limescale cleaning spray and use it to clean all the shiny bits in your shower, like the appliance itself and taps. Mrs Hinch highly recommends the Viakal fresh spray for shower cleaning but if you are looking for something a little more eco-friendly, the Ecover Limescale Remover is a fantastic alternative.

Once the metal parts of the shower are shining, turn your attention to the shower doors, being sure to spray clean both sides. Mrs Hinch recommends using a Minky (her trusty cleaning pad) to buff the surfaces and give them that perfect finish.

As a side note from us, it’s worth spraying your shower with a leave-in shower spray on a daily basis to help prevent limescale build up. It’ll save you time and effort getting rid of it in the long run!

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Hinch Hack #2 – Spruce up your woodwork

When cleaning the home, an area that people often forget to tackle is their woodwork. We’re talking the skirting boards that surround the rooms in your home, as well as things like your doors and frames. To spruce up your woodwork, Mrs Hinch recommends washing it with a mix of fabric conditioner and water. She basically pours a little bit of her favourite softener into a spray bottle and tops in up with water. Not only does it get rid of any marks and scuffs but it will also make your home smell divine!

It’s recommended that you use a soft cleaning cloth or if you can get your hands on one – a Minky (just like Mrs Hinch) as this will prevent you from taking off any paintwork. We’d also suggest not over-spraying the fabric softener and airing your rooms appropriately, so you’re not breathing too much of it in.

Hinch Hack #3 – Cleaning your washing machine

Your washing machine is of course, designed to clean your clothes but how often do you clean your actual appliance? Mrs Hinch recommends regularly cleaning your washing machine to keep it in good shape. To do this she suggests, sliding out the drawer and using a bathroom spray to clean it. Limescale spray can be used in the gap where the drawer slides in, to prevent build-up. The drum of the washing machine can be wiped with a simple antibacterial spray but for the rim of the appliance, Mrs Hinch suggests using an electric toothbrush to remove any hard-to-budge dirt, before spraying it with bathroom cleaner.

Hinch Hack #4 – Make your bin smell beautiful (yes, really!)

New flash – Bins don’t have to be smelly. In one of her videos, Mrs Hinch showed her followers how to clean out their bins using her favourite pine scented disinfectant.

All you need to do is dilute a little of the disinfected with water in a spray bottle, before spritzing generously over your bin. Give it a wipe and then add a capful of the pine disinfected into the bottom of the bin. Leave for a few moments and then hose it down. Finally, give it a wipe over with washing up liquid and a sponge and leave it to dry outdoors.

Hinch Hack #5 – How to get a shiny sink

Mrs Hinch has been quoted saying that a shiny sink is ‘her thing’ and the way she achieves it is probably like nothing you’ve heard of before. First she gives it a quick wipe round with a disinfectant spray and water, before going to town with the stainless steel spray. Sounds pretty normal right? Well here’s where things get a little different. Instead of dousing the plughole in bleach to get it sparkly clean, she recommends digging out a dishwasher tablet and sticking the kettle on!

In one of her Instagram stories, Hinch showed her army of followers how to clean their kitchen sink plugholes using a dishwasher tablet. She simply placed the dishwasher tablet in the plughole, poured over hot water from the kettle and let it do it’s magic. The end results, were as expected, sparkling!

Mrs Hinch’s Clockwise Cleaning Method

Everyone has their own way of cleaning and here at NG1 City Cleaners, we strive to find the most efficient methods of carrying out domestic cleaning in. We found Mrs Hinch’s Clockwise cleaning method rather interesting and thought it was definitely worth a share!

Basically Mrs Hinch says that when you go to clean a room, upon entering you should set your 12 o’clock, which is your starting point. You then section the room into twelve parts and work round it in a clockwise motion, to ensure that every part is left sparkly clean.

Another one of Mrs Hinch’s tips is to make sure that you clean each section from top to bottom. If you think about it, when you are cleaning, the dust is always falling downwards, therefore it would be counterproductive to start cleaning anywhere other than the highest point and working downwards.

Although Mrs Hinch is a cleaning fanatic, when reading other news articles and blog posts about her, she’s often explained that she doesn’t spend all of her time cleaning. Instead, she aims to do at least thirty minutes of cleaning a day, which is a realistic cleaning schedule for some but we must stress, not all.

No time to Hinch your home? That’s where we come in!

It’s fair to say that one of the downsides of social media is that it can often set unrealistic expectations and make people think that what they have isn’t good enough, compared to what they’re seeing online. It’s worth noting that although Mrs Hinch has some fantastic cleaning hacks and great ideas for cleaning schedules, they aren’t for everyone and you are not inadequate if you don’t have a pristine, shiny home – or a love for cleaning for that matter!

If you are working all hours of the day or even parenting round-the-clock, even thirty minutes of cleaning a day may be out of the question and we want you to know that is perfectly okay. Let’s face it, if you all had time to scroll through Instagram and clean your homes like Mrs Hinch, we’d be out of work!

If the cleaning trend isn’t for you…

It’s also okay if you don’t want to clean your own home. Just because we’re into domestic cleaning, it doesn’t mean everyone has to be! Yes cleaning seems to be the latest trend to hit social media but like everything else, it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Don’t feel pressured to pick up a duster and go to town on the cobwebs, when you could simply pick up the phone and book a cleaner instead! There’s no judgement here. In fact, we welcome it.

Hinch your home without lifting a finger with NG1 City Cleaners

If enjoying cleaning is completely out of the question and you have no intention of joining the #HinchArmy then use our team of experienced and dedicated cleaners instead. We can’t promise we’ll have time to throw together a cleaning haul for your Instagram feed but what we can promise is that we’ll leave your home in tip top shape. It’ll look like it’s been Hinched, without you having to lift a finger. And what’s more, we won’t tell a soul you didn’t do it yourself!


Cleaning your own home vs hiring a domestic cleaner

There are certain benefits to cleaning your own home; for one it’s great exercise, it’ll save you money and you never know, you may become the next online cleaning sensation just like Mrs Hinch!

But we’d argue that there are more benefits of hiring a domestic cleaner in ike ourselves…

Save time and money – If you lead a busy life, the thought of fitting cleaning your home into your schedule may seem rather daunting. The good news is that by hiring a cleaner, you can save yourself a lot of time and those in the world of business will know that time is money. Instead of spending precious downtime with a duster in hand, you’ll instead be able to head out with your friends and family to make important memories. Sound better? We thought so.

Get an expert clean – As well saving time, one of the main reasons people hire domestic cleaners is because they want the high quality results that only experts can provide. Here at NG1 City Cleaners, we are dedicated to hiring only the best cleaners in. All of our cleaners are vetted for their experience and go through all the necessary steps to ensure they are clued up on relevant regulations, like Health and Safety. 100% customer satisfaction is our overall aim and as a team, we go the extra mile to ensure this is achieved time and time again.

A bespoke domestic cleaning plan just for you

Something that makes us stand out as quality domestic cleaners is that we tailor our cleaning plans to suit our customers. Pop on over to our quotes page and you’ll see that you can pick and choose the services you require and we’ll tailor the package accordingly.

We also have a fantastic client hub where our customers can request new work, review quotes, check on invoices and print receipts, all in one easy-to-access location. We’re all about making life that little bit easier for you.

If you want all the benefits of a shiny, clean home (just like Mrs Hinch) but either don’t have time or can’t be bothered to do it yourself (as we said before, no judgement here) then book NG1 City Cleaners today. Simply request a quote from our website or if you’d like to speak to a friendly member of our team, give us a call on 0115 948 4686.

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