Nottingham cleaners are good for you!

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Nottingham cleaners have some top tips for making you feel better.

We all need a little fun to help us through the day, here is a list of top tips that might make you feel a little better!

1. By disinfecting your desk frequently you can reduce sick days by up to 30%

2. Dust is made from 70% skin flakes.

3. Office phones have more than 25,000 germs per square inch.

4. An antibacterial cleaner is more effective if you leave it on the surface for 30 seconds.

5. Women’s handbags contain more bacteria than the average TOILET!!

6. Air quality inside closed spaces is up to 500% worse than outside! (Open the windows quick!)

7. You can find 400 times more bacteria around a regular office space than you can a toilet seat.

8. 1 square meter of carpet can hold up to 1kg of dirt.

9. The average woman cleans for 12,896 of her life, compared to a mans 6,448 hours.

10. Over 6 million people in Britain employ a domestic cleaner.

11. Most kitchen sinks have actually more germs than the toilet seat!

Interesting stuff! If you need any help with the above, why don’t you share this post or give NG1 City Cleaners a try?

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