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Want to know how we are set up, how we work and what you get for your cash?

Unlike most cleaning companies we are set up a little differently. When we first started, we wanted to provide a service that is a higher standard than other providers at a better price. So we sat down and asked ourselves what were the pains that customers experienced when contracting cleaning companies. These were the top problems.

  • Untrustworthy staff
  • Inconsistent appointments
  • Not completing the work to a high standard

So we got work on developing the best possible cleaning service we could. To combat these issues, these are the steps we’ve taken.

The Best Staff

Our staff is our business. We understand that to get, keep, and motivate team members into doing just ‘more than a job’ we have a team culture. We make sure that we pay our staff better than average wages, we check and give additional training & certification (such as the Health & Safety & DBS certification) to ensure that they are safe and certificated to do the job. We also help them out with employee perks such as help with driving lessons, flexible times to work around childcare, and a cooked breakfast when we have staff meetings. All this helps to ensure our staff feels ‘part of the team’.

We feel that this help to promote a healthy working atmosphere, as every staff member, in turn, understands the importance that our customers experiences with our business. Because we are such a close team, we understand it is a team effort running this business and if anyone isn’t happy, we do our best to rectify the issue. You can tell by our customers’ reaction to the level of service they receive, we consistently receive great feedback, and at Christmas time they even leave the staff little presents!

On Time Appointments

Scheduling and appointment management is at the heart of every business, and here at NG1 city cleaners, we are hot on it! To manage all of our customer appointments, details, invoices and payments we use one system- Jobber. It’s a custom built piece of software that allows us to manage our complete business with the maximum amount of speed removing the need for multiple pieces of software, slowing us down and making our business more expensive. Some of the benefits include:

  • All team members have phone apps with their daily schedule planned for them and linked to the main system.
  • We can measure/predict exactly what time, how long, & when cleaners leave customers properties.
  • All customer details are fully secured under password protected and encrypted software layers protecting data and complying with data protection regulations.
  • Secure billing information is kept by the customer so we don’t have to ask for your bank details.

With all this data we have been gathering about apartment sizes, travel times, parking and all the other finite items you learn with experience. We have been able to trim down customer appointments and travel time to such an efficient level our prices are very accurate, we have only been more than 20 minutes late to a customer appointment once this year! (and that was the day of the train station fire).

Super Standards

We said… ‘If we are going to be a cleaning service, we may as well be the best damn cleaning service out there!’ So we looked at all the jobs that are required when cleaning a property, put them all into one big list, wrote down every step needed to complete each task, and then measured how long it took to do each task- properly. From this, we have developed a ‘standard operating procedures- instruction manual’ for all our staff. This means that whichever team come to clean your property, you’ll be receiving the same high standards backed up by our random audit checks to ensure the quality is always ‘tip-top’.

Our testing and refinement of these standard operating procedures have now been developed into our pricelist. So, when you request a quotation from us you can rest assured the time allowance and the cost is calculated to so you receive the best possible service at the best possible price.

So in summary

We only employ and keep great staff, we use high tech software to manage our system, and we work to provide high quality using our own developed standard operating procedures.

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