The rise of the domestic cleaning industry in Nottingham

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Why is domestic cleaning so big?
The domestic cleaning industry in the United Kingdom earned revenue of £4.7 billion as per figures that were collected five years ago by the Office of National Statistics. For the sake of comparison alone, these figures were almost twice the size of revenue earned by the marine industry in Great Britain. (insert sinking ship joke here)

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Cleaning nowadays is big business, it involves several aspects of professionalism, regardless of whether it is commercial cleaning, domestic cleaning services or end of tenancy cleaning. Additionally, keeping a residential or a commercial property clean is essential for its maintenance and the prevention of diseases; without regular cleaning tasks being carried out on these premises, the value of properties will decline. Some of the main benefits of domestic cleaning services include.

Healthy Environment- Healthier living and working conditions are proven to have a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing.

Higher Land Values- Properties that are well maintained tend to retain value better than properties that fall into disrepair.

Promotion of tourism – Visitors are always comfortable with comfortable and cleaner environments.

The cleaning industry as a whole has become a big sector in today’s modern economy and has created good employment opportunities for low skilled and migrant workers. There is no doubt that you will probably know someone connected to the cleaning industry. It is a sizeable sector despite several geographical areas still suffering from the recent economic decline out there. Cleaning service industry experts point out that there is plenty of buoyancy in this industry. Homeowners, tenants and business owners are relying heavily on the domestic cleaning service providers to maintain their properties.

Apart from maintaining the domestic, residential and commercial establishments, the cleaning industry is also responsible for employing more than four hundred and fifty thousand people today as per figures provided by the Cleaning and Support Services Association in their report that was issued in April 2012. There are close to three thousand five hundred cleaning businesses that are currently in operation within the United Kingdom. The cleaning industry is predicted to grow by more than 3% in the next couple of years.

The cleaning industry comprises two major sectors – businesses that provide specialist cleaning services and businesses that offer standard cleaning services. We (NG1 City cleaners) offer thorough and trustworthy cleaning services to both the commercial and domestic sectors around the Nottingham area. The specialised cleaning services market has grown by 44% in the last couple of years and has demonstrated sustained and strong growth when it comes to sales volumes and value. Niche services such as exterior home cleaning and window cleaning sectors have grown by about 150% in the last decade. In the cleaning industry, the retail and office sector has accounted for the biggest portion of the cleaning services market and they are followed by the sector of healthcare cleaning.

Cleaning Industry is a driving force in the economic growth of the United Kingdom
Cleaning and Support Services Association has mentioned clearly in their report issued in April 2012 that the cleaning industry has been responsible for driving economic growth in the United Kingdom. It is also driving the growth in employment at a rapid rate which is much faster when compared with other industries and they include the retail and the hospitality sectors. The cleaning industry includes a vast range of diverse businesses that include Self-service Launderettes, Domestic Cleaning Services, Corporate and Commercial Cleaning Services, Laundries, Dry Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners and other cleaning service providers. One of the major advantages offered by the cleaning industry in the United Kingdom is that it provides a service which can be considered indispensable. Schools, hospitals, public transport places and commercial and office establishments need to be continuously cleaned as the domestic residential properties.

History of Domestic Cleaning

People have always hired domestic cleaners throughout the ages in one form or another. If we chart the course of the growth of the domestic cleaners in the United Kingdom, then the World Wars of the twentieth century are a big landmark that revolutionised the cleaning industry. The Second World War particularly changed the very way domestic cleaning service industry began to function in this country. After 1945, the number of middle class and upper-class families grew and the domestic cleaning service industry expanded because these were the classes who typically employed domestic staff for the purpose of cleaning their houses.

Before the turn of the twentieth century, ladies of the house were not expected to cook, wash clothes and iron them, clean carpets and floors, dust, polish or carry out all other requirements that were essential to run a house. Therefore, domestic cleaners were always in demand. After 1918, more than a couple of million people went into service and a large majority of this number was women. They took over jobs that were previously done only by men.

Attitudes towards the cleaning industry changed drastically in the latter half of the twentieth century; people started to become more relaxed about the housework they had to carry out, particularly since the housewives could not cope with the running of homes. By late nineteen-seventies, businesses grew that offered packages of domestic cleaning services. More households began to have their adult members going out to work. People started to live longer as lifespans extended. Cleaning businesses and domestic cleaning service providers began to flourish. Cleaning business started to develop into international franchises and many others stayed loyal to the localities where they had set up their enterprises, initially.
People who started hiring domestic help considered it to be a necessity of modern living and several working-class families started taking advantage of cleaning services.

Today, the cleaning industry is witnessing an era that offers a great opportunity and equality for all. There is the pride of work. Cleaners are now not looked upon in a way they might have been a couple of hundreds of years ago. Today, there is no `Upstairs Downstairs’ separation in society. Regardless of their class position, everyone understands thoroughly the complexities of running homes.

The homeowners and tenants are well aware that they have to depend on domestic cleaners; otherwise, they will have to do all the cleaning in their homes, themselves. The reality of the situation is that no one has the time to clean their houses every day. The homeowners and tenants know that it takes tremendous physical effort and focus to maintain their houses or apartments and they appreciate the value of services that are being offered by the domestic cleaning service providers. Nothing would be better for them after a hard and long day at work to come back to a clean and nice home and healthier surroundings that are kept tidy and fresh. Even if this process costs them some money, they are comfortable with it because the price is forgotten and the quality of work and peace of mind remains.

The Cleaning Industry is actually growing in the Post-Recession Economy

The domestic cleaning industry is a growing one. It has become a very important sector in the United Kingdom and it is employing a large number of people. It is being dubbed as a growth multiplier because it is reinforcing the growth of not only the cleaning sector but other industries as well.

One of the most important benefits offered by the domestic cleaning service industry in the United Kingdom is that it cannot be off-shored. Cleaning in the domestic circuit has to be done by those workers who are living in the localities concerned. These workers will obviously spend their earnings within the nation and they will help in making the cleaning sector a driving force throughout the entire economy of the United Kingdom. The domestic cleaning service market is offering entry-level employment to many within the country. The cleaning industry offers a highly accessible route for people into employment as adults who leave the education system without gaining basic academic qualifications find it easy to gain employment in this sector. This helps in reducing the burden of those people who are highly dependent on benefits offered by the government of the United Kingdom. The cleaning industry helps in offering a ladder of opportunity for such people who are less qualified.

The growth in the domestic cleaning industry has helped cut the cost of healthcare. Infections over the past few years have cost the National Health Services approximately £1 billion. Reduction of infections by means of cleaning and proper maintenance of residential units and offices has saved money for the country on a long-term basis. A survey was done by NHS which reported that the induction of one cleaner in a hospital ward could help reduce the microbial contamination and effect savings worth £30,000.

It has also been observed that the growth in the domestic cleaning market, particularly in the commercial cleaning sector has helped reduce employee absenteeism. It has been reported that the employers in the United Kingdom have lost about £14 billion every year on account of employee absenteeism. This report was issued by Confederation of British Industry. When office desks and communal rooms are cleaned regularly, they can bring down the spread of illness and infections throughout the entire workforce. Effective and timely cleaning intervention can help prevent the spread of diseases while increasing productivity among employees.

Today, the cleaning industry is considered an active and busy industry despite the downturn in the nation’s economy. Entrepreneurs who have started domestic cleaning business enterprises in the United Kingdom in the last five years have gone on to double the size of their operations despite the hard times, currently.

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