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Are there rodents and insects inside your property?
Residents in the United Kingdom, particularly those who live in the inner city apartment blocks experience strange rustling sounds in the night. They are aware that their apartments and houses are infested with vermin and insects but a vast majority does not take proper steps in cleaning themselves or hiring capable domestic cleaners to take care of such issues.

A survey has been done in the UK by the British Pest Control Association and it has been reported that an increasing number of residents are waking to the sounds of mice and insects scratching around. There has been a thirty percent rise in call-outs for vermin and insect infestations since the last year. It was also reported that the inner city apartments are the worst affected with mice, bed bugs, wasps and roaches. The British Pest Control Association has warned that the number of bugs right now in the United Kingdom as at an all-time high. This is forcing many residents to think about cleaning themselves or calling in a service that caters for regular cleaning services before specialist pest removal services for ants, wasps, rats, and cockroaches.
The pest numbers are rising as a result of the local councils cutting down free pest control services in the country. The survey has also pointed out that the local authorities that provide free pest control have come down in their numbers by over twenty-five percent over the last four years.

The Rising Vermin Problem in Homes

Vermin are persistent when they infiltrate homes and they can even gnaw through metal to get in sometimes. Once they gain an entry into the homes, they can spread several diseases, contaminate food and cause damage to household items. They can damage pipes, insulation, floorboards and can shred soft materials for the purpose of nesting. The pathogens found in rat droppings and urine can contaminate foodstuff and also spread diseases like Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis or Weil’s disease and rat bite fever.

Overall, the number of vermin infesting homes in the United Kingdom is increasing!

Cockroaches are also on the rise in their numbers in the cities. There are certain areas which are overrun by wasps. If the infestation of pests is not dealt with in time, it will spread illnesses from one locality to another. The pest issue will also increase in financial implications and become quite expensive for residents, besides carrying tremendous risk to their health.

Problems created in homes by insects

Pest infestations by insects, woodworms and moths along with larvae of beetles have blighted the lives of many families in the United Kingdom. They have also proved costly to owners of properties and tenants. In many cases, the infestation of insects has rendered homes unsaleable. The survey done by the British Pest Control Association has pointed out that pest controllers have carried out over seven hundred thousand treatments for infestations by vermin and insects in the last six years. As temperatures rise, people notice a considerable increase in the number of insect infestations around the home. These pests can not only be unhygienic but they can be dangerous to people’s health. In some cases, mice have been known to start fires in residences as a result of gnawing and chewing on electric wires.
The saleable value of a property also goes down when it is infested with vermin and insects. The bad news for most property owners and tenants is that insurers will not be keen on covering homes that are damaged by pests. If mice eat up carpets and rugs or woodworms damage a flooring board, insurance companies could think of lots of ways of not paying such damages.

City cleaners are the solution for pest control

If you are going through problems with vermin and insects in your house or your apartment, regardless of whether you are in an inner-city apartment or a rural house, there are domestic cleaners available in the United Kingdom who offer a cost-effective and comprehensive range of pest control services.

The best method for solving any type of problem is prevention rather than cure. Domestic cleaning companies such as NG1 City Cleaners help to eradicate any potential pest problems before they happen by ensuring good household hygiene levels. In a team of pest control technicians, it is more feasible to contract out trained professionals in the secure and safe use of pesticides and insecticides that are certified by the British Pest Control Association.

NG1 City Cleaners are your perfect solution for preventing vermin and insects problems in your home or office. It offers effective and safe solutions for regular home or office maintenance ensuring that the pest problem doesn’t happen in the first place. Please share this with a friend or go back to our home page to find out more about our Nottingham cleaning service.

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