Why did we set up a cleaning company?

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Hi, I’m Will and the manager here at NG1 City Cleaners.

I’m passionate about providing a service that gives great results for customers. I believe that the days are gone where someone you barely know turns up at your house for a few hours to vacuum the floor and wash the pots as a ‘once over’. I mean, how do you know you’re getting everything cleaned properly?

I moved back to Nottingham a few years ago and decided I needed to find a reliable and trustworthy company to take care of my home since my commute to work was getting excessive, and the whole work/life balance thing was completely out of sync. After trying 3 various other local businesses I found that the unreliability, ridiculous pricing, and inability to do the work correctly was completely unacceptable. So, I’ve decided to screw the whole work-life balance thing (I’m a sucker for punishment) stand up and make a difference.

Being an engineer, I’ve spent most of my career developing and refining processes for various businesses. It’s important to me to learn how to do things and how to do them properly. So, we assembled a team of kick-ass experts in cleaning and worked hard to develop a systematic cleaning process that is not only highly effective, it’s efficient too. So since our early days, I have listened to customers, learned from their feedback & along with the great team of people here at NG1 City Cleaners we are starting to develop a respectable, and local, cleaning company in our lovely city.

It’s our incentive to provide complete customer satisfaction with a professional cleaning service that is as thorough as it is trustworthy. Hopefully, you get to experience this with our team of excellent staff.

If you’d like to book our services we would be happy to help!

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Our usual phone number is undergoing maintenance, please use the following number to get through to the team

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