What cleaning supplies do I need to clean a house?

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What cleaning supplies do I need to clean a house? It’s a good question. Whether you’re moving into a new property or deep cleaning your home, it’s wise to stock up on new cleaning supplies. But with so many different brands out there claiming to offer the best cleaning products for housekeeping, how do you know which ones to buy and which to leave on the shelf? Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate cleaning supplies list. Read on to discover our top cleaning caddy essentials…


What cleaning supplies do I need to clean a house – Cleaning Caddy

The first thing you need to buy is a cleaning caddy – unless of course you already have one at home. It doesn’t need to be fancy. Anything you can use to store cleaning products in and transport them easily from room to room will do. You can even use a big bucket – whatever works for you!

The great thing about creating a cleaning caddy is that you can always have it to hand. Whatever cleaning products you need, you’ll know they’re safely stored in there, ready to use. Cleaning caddies also help to keep your cleaning products organised and make it easier to see when you’re running low on something.

What cleaning supplies do I need to clean a house – Essential home cleaning products

Now you’ve got your cleaning caddy, it’s time to talk products. These days you can find a separate cleaning product for everything. Is it necessary to buy them all? No.You only need a few basic cleaning products in your caddy to clean your entire home. Here we’ll share a few shop-bought products, along with some homemade alternatives – after all, the fewer chemicals you use in your home the better. Plus, it’ll save you money!

All-purpose cleaner

When asked ‘what cleaning supplies do I need to clean a house?’ our top suggestion will always be an all-purpose cleaner. Why? The name kind of gives it away – it’s ‘all-purpose!’

All-purpose cleaners are great for cleaning multiple surfaces, including kitchen and bathroom countertops. You can buy all-purpose liquid concentrates that you need to dilute with water but for ease and speed, we much prefer an all-purpose spray.

If you are looking for a shop-bought product, take a look at the Method All-Purpose cleaners. Method is a climate-conscious and cruelty-free brand. Their products have proven very popular with ‘cleanfluencers‘ including Mrs Hinch and the scents which include ‘Wild Rhubarb‘ are far more appealing than standard chemical-smelling cleaning products.

Would you rather save your money and make your own all-purpose cleaner? Here’s how to do it…

DIY all-purpose cleaner ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup of white wine vinegar
  • Squeeze of lemon juice
  • 2 cups of water

Mix together in an empty spray bottle and use to clean the surfaces in your home with a microfibre cloth. It’s best to just make up the quantity you need, rather than storing large amounts. We’d also avoid using this all-purpose cleaner on granite or marble surfaces, as the acid in the vinegar may cause permanent damage.

Glass cleaner

Every cleaning caddy should contain a glass cleaner – perfect for the streak-free cleaning of windows, mirrors and glass tables in your home. Nearly every cleaning brand has it’s own glass cleaner but if you’re looking for an eco-friendly product, take a look at the offerings from the likes of Method (mentioned previously) and Ecover.

You can also make your own glass cleaning product.

DIY glass cleaner ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1/3 cup white vinegar
  • water
  • squeeze of lemon juice

Spray the solution onto a clean microfibre cloth and rub the window or glass surface in circular motions. If there are any stubborn areas, you may need to use a drop of white vinegar (neat) to remove the residue. Once clean, grab a fresh (and dry) microfibre cloth and use it to buff the glass to get rid of any streaks.

The quicker you clean your windows, the fewer streaks you’ll get!


There is a lot of confusion as to what a disinfectant actually is and whether all-purpose cleaning sprays are disinfectants. The truth is that unless the cleaning spray states that it kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, it is not a disinfectant. Cleaning products do not usually disinfect and disinfectants do not usually clean. They are separate products with separate jobs.

You can buy disinfectants to add to your cleaning caddy, however due to their toxic ingredients, it’s important to make sure they are stored out of the reach of children and pets.  Keep the room well-ventilated when using a disinfectant and always follow the instructions on the bottle. You will usually need to leave the disinfectant on a surface for a set time, before it successfully kills germs.

There are also several products that can double up as disinfectants including: vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and some essential oils.

Other useful cleaning products:

  • Bicarbonate of Soda – Great for stain removal and deodorising. Mix it with white vinegar to unclog sink drains.
  • Washing up liquid – Mix a few drops with warm water in a spray bottle and use to clean surfaces.
  • Lemon juice – Mix with white vinegar and water to clean everything from kitchen appliances to plastic containers, chopping boards, worktops and copper pans.

What cleaning supplies do I need to clean a house – Cloths and sponges

Along with cleaning products, you’ll also need several cloths and sponges in your caddy. Here’s a list of our essentials:

  • Microfibre cloths – Great for cleaning, drying and buffing surfaces.
  • Double-sided sponges – Look for the non-scratch scourers
  • Old toothbrush – Free and perfect for cleaning tile grout
  • Squeegee – Best for removing residue on glass and bathroom cleaning
  • Lint roller – Great for getting rid of pet hair on your sofas and dusting lamp shades
  • Rubber gloves – Protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals
  • Spray bottles – For DIY cleaning products

What cleaning supplies do I need to clean a house – Cleaning tools

Finally, the cleaning tools you’ll need to clean your house. These won’t fit in your cleaning caddy but are a must-have for easy, quick and effective home cleaning.


Our best piece of advice when purchasing a vacuum is to buy the best your budget permits. Upright vacuums are best for larger homes. Traditional vacuums (that you pull along) are cheaper and have handy flexible hoses. Cordless vacuums are convenient – though perhaps not as effective as the other two options.

Some vacuums have bags that need changing, others have a canister that you need to empty after every use. It’s also important to consider the tools that come with the vacuum and any extra features, such as variable suction settings and filters.

Mop and bucket

If you’ve got any hard floors in your home, you need a mop and bucket. Add a splash of floor cleaner (or make your own with white vinegar) and top the bucket up with warm water. Remember to clean the mop head regularly to prevent spreading on your clean floors. Some mop heads can go in the washing machine, others may need soaking in a diluted bleach solution to get them clean.

Telescopic duster

Never miss a cobweb again! A telescopic duster will help you reach the corners of your ceiling where dust and cobwebs collect. They’re also great for cleaning lampshades and getting behind pieces of furniture.

Where to store home cleaning supplies

If you’ve got children or pets in your house, the safest place to store home cleaning supplies is somewhere out of their reach. This may be a cupboard up high, or one you can lock. It’s also important to choose a storage location that is convenient for you. If your cleaning caddy is right at the back of your cupboard, hidden behind other items, it’s not going to be easy to access. If it takes you 5 minutes to find it, are you going to be motivated to clean your house? Probably not. Make it easy for yourself!

Free cleaning caddy checklist

Download our free cleaning caddy checklist to help you buy, make and organise your cleaning supplies. Right click and save image or if you’re on a tablet or mobile, simply hold the photo and click save.

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