What should a Domestic Cleaner in Nottingham cost?

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Did you know that cleaning is Britain’s most hated chore? According to research carried out earlier this year, 30% of people would rather hire a cleaner than treat themselves to a spa day or even take a day off work!

The popularity of domestic cleaning services is soaring, with nearly half of all Millennials hiring cleaners because they are too busy to clean their flats. And who can blame them? We lead such busy lives that it’s understandable that people want to spend their free time enjoying themselves, rather than being stuck indoors, cleaning their homes.

This growth in demand has meant that cleaning companies are popping up here, there and everywhere, particularly in and around city centres like Nottingham. Finding the right domestic cleaner is essential and along with trustworthiness, cost is bound to be a main concern for customers. Understandably you’ll want to make sure you are paying a fair price for a quality service and know exactly what you pay for…and that’s where we can help!

Here we’ll examine what you pay for when you hire a domestic cleaner to help you compare costs and choose a service that is tailored to your needs.

Quality Cleaning Staff

As the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for.’ Budget cleaning services may only cost you around £10 an hour but will they tick all of your boxes and offer a quality clean? Or are you better spending a little extra for a premium cleaning service that is customised to your needs?

Here at NG1 City Cleaners, we strive to employ the best cleaning staff out there. Sure, you may come across a cheaper cleaning company but you have to consider whether their prices reflect the quality of the cleaning service they provide to their customers. You need the peace of mind that cleaning staff will work efficiently to leave your house looking spotless, without cutting corners and that’s exactly what we can offer.

All of our cleaning staff are DBS checked, to help ensure safer recruitment and receive on-going training, in order to comply with health and safety regulations. We hire professional, experienced cleaners to offer the best possible service to our customers.

When researching the cost of domestic cleaners, the more conscientious of you may also think about how much of the fee you pay, goes directly to the cleaner. Domestic cleaners are often paid minimum wage, which isn’t a great deal when you think about the work they do. NG1 City Cleaners believe staff should feel valued and appreciated. They should enjoy their work and want to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Therefore, we value our cleaners’ skills and pay our staff properly, in addition to offering both pensions and employee benefits. As we said before, we don’t cut corners and neither do our staff.

With NG1 City Cleaners, you are paying for quality cleaners and can have the peace of mind that they are being paid fairly for the work they do too.

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High-grade domestic cleaning products and equipment

Cleaning products are a primary cost for domestic cleaning companies and therefore reflect on the price they charge customers. It’s a good idea for customers to find out exactly what cleaning products and equipment are used, to ensure they are not only happy with them but also receiving a fair price for the service.

Generic cleaning products used by budget cleaners are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk from suppliers, however they aren’t always the best products for the job. Companies like ourselves that wish to offer a premium cleaning service to customers are steering more towards eco-friendly offerings and provide green cleaning alternatives on request.

You may be thinking: is it worth paying a little more for an environmentally friendly cleaning service? And really, only you can answer that, as it depends on what is important to you. What we will say, is eco-friendly cleaning products are meant to be better for your home and safer for your family, along with kinder to the environment.

The cleaning industry as a whole is shifting towards becoming more environmentally friendly; in order to comply with regulations and it’s only a matter of time before cleaning products are required to meet certain green standards. Choose us as your domestic cleaners and be ahead of the curve.

Here at NG1 City Cleaners, we work closely with local suppliers to secure the best prices for the cleaning products we use. We select the best products for the cleaning jobs we carry out and ensure that all of our cleaning equipment is regularly checked to meet safety standards.

Size of your property

When researching what a domestic cleaner should cost, you will need to consider the size of your property and the area you need cleaning. It goes without saying that a small city centre flat can be cleaned quicker than a larger three or four bedroom house. Hiring a domestic cleaner in to clean your entire home, as opposed to a couple of key rooms will also cost more but then again, save you a lot of time! Consider how much your own free time is worth to you.

Professional domestic cleaning companies should ask you to specify the size of your property, along with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and additional rooms you need cleaning, in order to provide you with a more accurate quote.

How clean is your home?

First things first, our cleaners will not have a problem with the state of your home. They don’t judge! After all, if your property was completely spotless, you wouldn’t be hiring us, would you?

Of course, the state of your home will have an impact on the cost of a domestic cleaning service. We often find that first cleans tend to take a little longer (especially if a property hasn’t been cleaned in a while) and therefore may cost a little more. Once a regular domestic cleaning schedule is established, customers often see a slight reduction in costs.

Hidden costs of domestic cleaners

NG1 City Cleaners prides itself on being open, transparent and honest, which is why we feel it’s important to talk about some of the, let’s say, ‘hidden costs’ of domestic cleaning. These are costs you perhaps wouldn’t think about when hiring a domestic cleaner.

Parking Costs:

If you are looking for a domestic cleaner in NG1 or areas close to the city, where parking is limited, it’s worth noting that you may have to pay a little more for your service.

At NG1 City Cleaners, we encourage customers to let us use their parking spaces wherever possible, as not only is it more convenient but it can actually save them money! Of course, not everyone has their own parking in NG1, so we do have to add the parking cost onto our domestic cleaning service fee. We feel this is only fair to the customers who are able to offer us free parking.

Fuel costs:

The cost of fuel and travel will also make up part of the fee you pay for your domestic cleaner in. Here at NG1, we include a flat fee across all customers to cover our cleaners’ fuel and travel time.

Other overheads and running costs:

Like businesses in every industry, cleaning companies like us have to pay for things like admin, accountancy, advertising, marketing and insurance. These services allow us to operate professionally and get ourselves in front of the likes of you!

Hourly rate vs Customisable Domestic Cleaning Services

Many domestic cleaning services charge by the hour and there is nothing wrong with that, providing that you, the customer, are completely clear about the cleaning tasks that will be performed. This should be outlined in the cleaning contract, so you can check you are happy before signing and making a payment.

The problems come when you are charged an hourly rate but don’t know what to expect from your cleaner. Are they going to be cleaning the bathrooms? How about vacuuming? Is ironing included? These are all questions you should be asking.

A reputable, professional domestic cleaning company will also have a standard procedures manual, so their cleaners know how long each task should take in order for it to be done to a high standard. It’s your hard earned money you’ll be parting with, so it’s perfectly reasonable to make enquiries about the service you will be receiving.

Customisable cleaning packages

At NG1 City Cleaners, we do things slightly differently and feel we offer a more modern approach to pricing our services. Instead of charging a flat hourly rate, we allow customers to choose from our customisable domestic cleaning packages. On our website, you will see we have blue standard, silver upgraded and gold premium domestic cleaning packages, which differ in the services offered. The cleaning tasks performed within these services are clear and customers can simply select the one that best meets their needs.

Our cleaning staff can also perform add-on services, if required, such as white goods cleaning. Once you have selected the package you require, you will be asked a few questions, such as:
• Where is your property?
• How many bedrooms does it have?
• How many bathrooms does it have?
• Do you need any other work completing?

This is your chance to purchase add-on services. The bar at the top of the screen tells you how much you will be quoted, so you can get a better idea of how much each service costs.

Customers can either complete the online form and we’ll email over a quote or if they’d prefer to speak to someone on the phone, they can request a call back instead. We aim to make our free no obligation quotes and booking process as simple and transparent as possible. And we think we’re doing a good job at keeping our customers happy – achieving 10/10 in our customer feedback polls!

How do we keep the cost of a Domestic Cleaning to a minimum?

The simple answer to this question is that we remain efficient. We’ve talked a lot about how time is money in this blog post and that a longer cleaning time will inevitably cost you more. But what we haven’t yet discussed is how we keep cleaning time and therefore customer costs, to a minimum and that is through collecting and evaluating data.

Here at NG1 we use an all-in-one customer management and scheduling program called Jobber. Using this software, we are able to safely collect, store and examine data (all in accordance with data protection regulations) to find out information that can help us schedule appointments more efficiently and in turn, cut down on travel time. Working more efficiently allows us to trim down costs and provide more accurate quotes to our domestic cleaning customers.

We understand exactly how long cleaning tasks should take in order for a job to be done to a high standard. There’ll be no dawdling on tasks that only take a couple of minutes. Nor will more tricky tasks be rushed or skimmed over.

The standard operations procedure manual we created when establishing our business has been refined and used to develop an accurate and fair price list. This gives NG1 City Cleaners’ customers peace of mind that the quote they receive will account for the time allowance for the required cleaning services, as well as the additional costs we’ve discussed in this post.

To sum things up…

So when asking what should a domestic cleaner cost, you need to consider the following:
• Quality of staff and cleaning service
• The company’s ethics and values
• Quality of cleaning products – are they eco-friendly?
• Are there any hidden costs?
• Can their services be customised to meet your needs?
• And finally, are they a company you can trust?

NG1 City Cleaners tick all the boxes

We’re upfront about our costs, we’re accurate and efficient and we strive to provide the best domestic cleaning service. Click here to make an enquiry or contact us on: 0115 948 4686 to speak to a friendly member of our team.

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