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In the past, a domestic house cleaner’s services would only be required by those considered rather well off. The rich and famous, the elite and wealthy, the ones who couldn’t possibly remove their expensive silk gloves to get their hands dirty!

Fast forward to 2018 and a great deal has changed. Whereas before domestic cleaning services were seen as a luxury, which only a few could afford, today they are becoming more and more of a necessity. You see, with the average British employee working more than 10 hours overtime every week, there isn’t a whole lot of time left for cleaning.

As a result of leading such busy lives, it seems we are also placing greater value on our own time. And let’s face it; no one wants to be cleaning their home, when they could be out enjoying a cocktail with friends or a day out with the family, do they? Essentially by hiring a cleaner, you’re not only getting a clean house but also buying yourself a little more ‘me’ time.

But what exactly does a domestic house cleaner do?

The purpose of hiring a cleaner is to get a clean home but today there are so many services you can choose from that it can leave you wondering what exactly your domestic house cleaner should be doing.

For the domestic house cleaner newbies out there, the ones who are considering hiring a domestic house cleaner but are unsure of what to expect and those wondering if their current cleaners are actually meeting their requirements, this post is for you!

General domestic house cleaning services

Most domestic house cleaning companies will offer general services, within their packages, which will include something like:
– Dusting
– Bathroom cleaning
– Kitchen cleaning
– Vacuuming
– Mopping
– Polishing glass and mirrors
– Making beds
– Waste removal and bin bag replacement
– Steam cleaning of hard floors

Some domestic house cleaners, like ourselves, will also offer add-on services, which you may only require every so often, such as:
– Internal window cleaning
– Spot carpet cleaning
– Deep oven cleaning

We allow our customers at NG1 City Cleaners to choose from three packages, which vary in the general cleaning services offered. This means there’s something for those that want a cost-effective, entry-level cleaning service, as well as those requiring a more thorough, premium service. We cater, or should we say clean, for all!

Once customers have chosen a package, selected any add-ons they need – like deep oven cleaning (Britain’s most hated cleaning task), we email over a full specification with every quote so customers can ensure they’re getting exactly what they need from their domestic house cleaner and are clear about what they can do. We’ll never try and sell customers services they don’t want or need. We’re all about offering 100% value for money and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

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Be realistic about what your domestic house cleaner can do

Although your domestic house cleaner should most certainly be providing the cleaning services you require, it’s a good idea to think about what they can realistically achieve in the time period you’re allowing them to clean your home.

Even though they may be the most efficient cleaner in the world, you have to remember they are only human and if you are only hiring them for a couple of hours or so a week, there may be a few tasks they just can’t fit in.

If you’re unsure about how long cleaning tasks should take and how much your domestic cleaning will be able to do, it’s best to just ask the company upfront. An experienced domestic cleaning company will be able to inform you how long specific cleaning services will take and what you will get for your money.

Here at NG1 City Cleaners, we have developed a standard operations manual, which provides information on how long each cleaning task should take and is used to deliver the most accurate and fair prices. A copy is given to each of our cleaners, so they know what is expected of them and we find that it helps us be more clear and transparent with our customers too. Customers get the peace of mind that the services they require can be done in the time allocated and for the price they have paid. There’s no second-guessing or uncertainty.

We strive to meet our customers’ needs and are 100% dedicated to achieving high standards of domestic house cleaning.

Prioritise the most important or your least favourite cleaning tasks

Following on from our point about being realistic about time frames, we’ll now look at how you can make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money…

If you are looking to hire a domestic house cleaner but perhaps don’t have the budget for an entire home clean, it’s worth thinking about which cleaning tasks you want to make a priority.

Say you were willing to pay for an hour’s cleaning – you need to question what could be achieved in that time if a full house clean is not possible. Perhaps you have some rooms that are used more frequently and are therefore in greater need of regular cleaning? Or maybe there are some cleaning tasks that you just can’t stand doing yourself? For example, if you hate cleaning your bathroom, ask that your cleaner does this for you but if you don’t mind giving your spare room the once over when it needs it, maybe suggest that they ignore that room and use the time you’ve paid for on rooms more important to you.

Consider the condition of your home

So we’ve established that you need to be realistic about what your domestic house cleaner can get done in ‘X’ amount of time and that there’s always the option to prioritise certain cleaning tasks but something else you may want to think about is the condition of your home.

By this we mean how straightforward it will be for your cleaner to complete the tasks you require in your home. A number of things can have an impact on this, with one being, the time since your home was last cleaned. If it has been a while (no judging here) and your house needs a good old clean to get it up to scratch, you may want to consider purchasing a deep clean (or spring clean if you like) first.

Although this will cost more than your average weekly clean, it will greatly improve the overall condition of your home and bring it to a standard where your cleaner will be able to get more done in future weekly cleans, saving you time and money in the long run.

Something else that can have an impact on your cleaner’s ability to do their job in your home is your items and belongings. Of course we expect you to have things in your home, it wouldn’t be much of a home otherwise would it? But say, if your cleaner goes to vacuum your house and there’s stuff all over the floor, it can make things a little difficult. It means they have to spend time picking the items up and putting them somewhere else, before they can vacuum, which may mean they don’t have time to complete one of the other cleaning tasks on your list.

A quick tidy up before your cleaner comes round can help you to get the most for your money!

What your domestic house cleaner should definitely be doing

Although domestic house cleaner services vary from one company to the next, there are a number of things we believe your domestic house cleaner should be doing and these include:

1. Providing equipment and cleaning supplies

A professional domestic house cleaner should really be providing their own equipment that has been safety tested. They should also be providing the cleaning supplies – though some companies may be willing to use yours, if you are keen to use a specific brand.

Before hiring a domestic house cleaner, it is worth checking out this information with them to ensure you are 100% clear what you are paying for.

NG1 City Cleaners provides all equipment (which has been safety tested) along with the necessary supplies to clean your home to a high standard. We use eco-friendly products wherever possible and are happy to discuss this further with customers – just pick up the phone or drop us an email!

2. Supplying a cleaning contract

Reputable and professional domestic cleaning companies will supply their clients with a contract that outlines the services that will be provided by their cleaners. This ensures that both parties are on the same page and have the same expectations.

Your contract should tell you exactly what your domestic house cleaner should be doing. Make sure you are 100% happy with it before signing and making any payments.

3. Offering a fair price

Before hiring a domestic house cleaner, it’s worth shopping around for quotes to see who can offer you the best price for the services you require. An experienced domestic cleaning company will offer competitive prices that are fair and accurate for the services provided.

4. Meeting your needs and requirements

Whilst some people will be reading this post as they are considering hiring a domestic house cleaner for the first time and want to find out a little more about what to expect, we imagine there will be some of you out there reading this because you’re unsure whether your domestic house cleaner is doing enough to meet your needs.

All we can say is that if you are questioning what your domestic house cleaner is actually doing in your home, it should be setting off alarm bells that perhaps something isn’t quite right. Maybe they aren’t the right domestic cleaner for you? If this is the case, it may be worth having a chat with your domestic house cleaning company to discuss your concerns or consider switching to a company that can provide you with a better cleaning service.

Our team of cleaners and office staff at NG1 City Cleaners are committed to achieving 100% client satisfaction and will go above and beyond to deliver a quality domestic house cleaning service to all customers. Just take a look at our testimonials page for proof.

5. Working to the highest standards

You’ll often find there are two types of cleaners out there, the professional, career cleaners who love to clean and won’t stop until the job is done to a five star standard. Then there’s the other type of cleaner who is unfortunately just doing the job for the money and who’s heart isn’t really in it.

As a customer, you want to be looking to hire a company made up of the first type of cleaners – those who love their jobs and want to achieve the highest standards of domestic house cleaning.

We strive to only employ the first type of domestic house cleaner; the career cleaners who are passionate about what they do. We work closely with them to ensure they are achieving job satisfaction and go beyond what many basic cleaning companies offer their staff; with above minimum wage salaries, on-going training and employee benefits.

We employ experienced cleaners who know the best methods of domestic house cleaning and all of our staff are DBS checked for both our customers’ and our own peace of mind.

To sum it all up…

What your domestic house cleaner should be doing all really comes down to customers’ requirements and that will vary from one person to the next. Our advice is to consider your cleaning wants and needs and choose a domestic cleaning company that offers bespoke services to meet them. Keep time frames in mind and if you’re unsure about which cleaning services you can get for your budget, just ask!

Here at NG1 City Cleaners, we are proud to offer three different service packages, which can be tailored with add-on services to meet customers’ individual requirements. We make the services provided by our domestic house cleaners 100% clear so you know exactly what they should be doing and exactly what you are paying for.

Interested in hiring us for domestic house cleaning? Use our simple online booking form or contact us on 0115 948 4686 to speak to a member of our team.

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